About Rev. Dr. CJ

This is the quick version of who I am, while I work on the full version. After all the years of life, it’s not a short subject, nor is it easy to put in words that make sense to the reader. I have had a long, hard life with trials and tribulations like everyone else.

Hi. I’m Chris, Christopher or CJ (and YES, that is my REAL name!). I do more things I have time for! I am a Baptist Minister, however serve on a non-denominational level, and provide online and community ministry work only. I feel it works out best to do rather than to preach, and what I do preach online, I am sure to do in life.

Although I believe in a congregation, I also believe that it is important to do the work that is preached each Sunday. I would rather be out in the trenches practicing the word of the Lord and serving those less fortunate than others. We are all God’s children. Whatever faith, color, sex, sexual orientation. I refuse to discriminate as it serves no faithful purpose.

With that being said, being a Minister with degree’s does not pay the bills unfortunately. So, there are a few other area’s that I am involved in. I consider myself a very good businessman, and am blessed with how the Lord has led me thus far.

I own my own Indie music label and record company. I provide personal and professional management services to artists of all genre’s. This company is actually comprised of 3. The label, a Publishing company and a Distribution company. I believe in keeping as much money for the artist as possible, after all, it is their art and they do deserve the earnings. This model will promote that. My company is innovative and looks to the future, strategically plans and makes moves based on those evaluations.

We are always looking for partners, investors or even venture capitalists, if you are interested, please be sure to contact me!

I also own and operate a small web host & design company. This assists me in being able to somewhat survive in order to provide my volunteer ministry work as well as other causes. I barely get by on this, if I get by at all. So, if you know anyone looking for a website or hosting, my prices are far below market, and I am a one stop shop. We do it all!

I am a kind, gentle and kindhearted person. I would take my shirt off my back to help someone. I would give my last dollar, my last bit of food to help someone, which is most likely why I am in the situation I currently am. I dream big, pray hard and work hard for those blessings to come down. Sometimes they are on time, sometimes they are a few days late, but my faith remains strong!

I have deep seeded faith. Raised Catholic, and transitioned into the Baptist beliefs in my younger twenty’s. This change caused me to begin to think more and more about religion. It was at this time that I had my calling from God to serve. I began to go to school, and still currently am attending.

Through life experiences and schooling, I have been able to learn, in depth, just about every religion; both past and current.  Having graduated after almost 14 years with my doctorate of Divinity. I wish having done this would have brought me closer to my family, friends and even old community members where I was raised, yet it actually pushed me farther apart. I did keep school and being a part of Ministry somewhat of a secret to my family, but that was an attempt to surprise them, and show them that I could actually do something with my life, and that people can change.

I am not what you would normally picture of a Reverend Doctor. I am my own man, who makes his own decisions, has my own thoughts and control’s his own actions. I get up every morning and put my pant’s on just like everyone else. I am man, and nothing else but a servant to God. Only by the grace of God does this work. I do not preach hate on the street corners, nor do I try to convert or make anyone a believer. I merely strive to do God’s work, whatever that entails and whatever errands he sends me on.


This is me after meeting with Governor Peter Shumlin at the Vermont State House, after he declared March 31st Team Rubicon Day in the State of Vermont.

The other side of me is my great need to continue using my Search & Rescue and Disaster Response and Incident Command training. When there is a natural disaster, I will go, one way or another. This photo was my Search & Rescue Team, taken day 2 after the horrendous Tornado that devastated Joplin, Missouri. As Team Leader, it was my job to see that over 50 square miles were walked through the debris field looking for people. Hopeful they would be found alive, but alas 130+ people perished that faithful day. My team exhausted, with thousands of ticks all over our bodies stood strong in the face of the Tornado and we handled our jobs professionally, and faithfully were led by God through the most unimaginable scene you could ever see. Always remember “Footprints in the Sand”, because Jesus walked beside each of us our three days of searching. Again, a whole foundation turned it’s back on me over rumors and lies told by evil doers. But that is okay, I forgive and move on. And should another disaster strike, you can bet that I will be there to do whatever I am certified to do outside of just Ministry.

After a High School play at my Alma Matta….

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